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About Jupirena Stein    

Jupirena SteinJupirena Stein is a former Kaiser Permanente member who had initially believed that Kaiser had committed a malpractice against her body.  She found out that was only the tip of the iceberg.

For ten years she diligently sought and obtained independent, expert medical opinions to find out what really happened.  Repeatedly, she obtained the same statements, the same diagnoses, the same information as to what was actually done to her in an operating room, in Redwood City, California at a Kaiser Permanente Hospital.  The medical authorities are not affiliated with each other, do not have personal or financial affiliations or relationships with each other and are from several different parts of the world.

She had already won an arbitration against Kaiser and the for profit Permanente, but the court action did not provide the truthful information that she needed.  Her body was destroyed, her health was destroyed, her ability to enjoy life in the manner previous to Kaiser's malpractice will never be restored.

The information repeatedly presented to Jupirena Stein from the independant medical authorities is very different than what Kaiser and it's representatives stated took place during that arbitration.

Now Jupirena Stein knows the truth and she is presenting it to the world.  When she says to BEWARE, she means it.  Only Kaiser and it's personnel know how many other times this story has been performed on other patients but you should know that this could happen to you.

Here is her story in her own words.

Tim Wild, M.D.Dr. Wild from Kaiser Permanente Redwood City, California, has earned another word to be permanently attached after his name:

Tim Wild of Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Timothy Wilfred Wild, D.D.S., M.D., ENT Board Certified and a Criminal.

Word by word, the reader will learn how this horrifying conclusion began to emerge.

Dr. Timothy Wilfred Wild, while I slept under General anesthetic, without my consent, without medical need and with no concern for my life, dissected my perfectly healthy neck muscle for a clear visualization of specific blood vessels.

He sutured shut my external carotid artery, he placed a surgical clip inside of my Internal Jugular Vein and if this was not enough, he placed a PTFE tube inside my Internal Carotid Artery and kinked it so that normal blood flow is now reduced.

Ms. Mary Parks, KP's Legal Department attorney assigned to my case, Stein vs Kaiser, acted with the intent to accomplish the specific act of excluding Dr. Wild from responding to his participation in this crime - as my surgeon. An act prohibited by law!

Now this guilty party roams free. She is also, involved in Medicare fraud!