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July 3, 2007

Blackman Legal Group

Attention: Mr. Clifford Blackman

1800 Trousdale Drive Burlingame, Ca. 94010

TEL: 650/692-8124

FAX: 650/692-7085

Dear Mr. Blackman,

I finalized a 6 years, well documented personal investigation on all matters involving Kaiser Permanente’s “medical malpractice” case and my consequent lawsuit against this HMO (Stein vs. Kaiser,) filed by attorney Mr. Bruce Albion Bailey, - whom you hired to represent me.

Because you have shown concern in the past, I am informing you that in the near future these investigation

P.O.Box 348093

Coral Gables, Fl.

s/ findings, will be the subject of a National/International media exposure.

I am very serious about this.

Your name and that of your Law Firm will be mentioned exactly as it was mentioned in my late website which prompted you to put me on a US$3,000.000 lawsuit warning.

Such website has since then been deleted because it contained, unbeknown to me at that time,
incorrect information about my “injury” as well as incomplete/wrong information about the Stein vs. Kaiser “medical malpractice” lawsuit case -altogether.

The letters you sent me dated Friday December 19, 2003 and Thursday, January 22, 2004 as well as my letter addressed to you dated January 15, 2004, will be part of this very important public and governmental interest reporting.

I sincerely believed that you understood clearly that something was dead wrong when I refused to sign Kaiser Permanente’s award check.

It is now my hope that you as an attorney, a defendant of those physically injured by others, as a member of many reputable judicial organizations, the rightfully owner of a privileged and sound professional business of law and integrity, will agree with me that even in cases of our less than perfect mandatory binding arbitration system, there should be no room for fraud, misrepresentation of the truth and endangerment to one’s life.


Jupirena Stein

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