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Cliff Blackman <> wrote

From: “Cliff Blackman”


Subject: Delete References to C Blackman From Your Website Immediately

Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 22:56:16 -0800

Dear Ms. Stein,

I have read your website about your injury case and how there was a miscarriage of justice in your opinion. Your comments regarding me (Clifford Blackman) and my law firm (Blackman legal Group) on your website are false, libelous and malicious. These comments are untrue and made for no purpose other than to try to damage my reputation.

If you were not happy with Mr. Bailey, the defense lawyer, or the mediator in your case, that is a different matter. You cannot make false accusations the way you are about my firm or me and think that you can get away with it.

Take these untrue and libelous references off your website, or I will file a lawsuit against you for defamation. The costs and expenses recoverable in such a lawsuit can be very high, and I urge you to weigh this matter cautiously I am very serious about this. You should consult a lawyer immediately if you have a question about this. You have until the end of January to take remedial action and remove the negative comments about me and my firm from your site, or I will sue you for $3,000,000.00.

Govern your actions accordingly. This is not a matter to take lightly, madam.

Clifford Blackman, Esq.

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Notice: This email communication contains private and confidential information intended for the addressee of this email only. If you have received this email in error please, delete it immediately from your computer. If you have any question please contact our law firm at 1-800-444-5602