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Dr. Wild,
You and Kaiser have invited patient anger in a hundred ways and should not be surprised when someone can articulate it against you:
    1. Kaiser, for example, legally lied that they had lost track of you when at that time you were simply in another Kaiser location across the San Francisco Bay; once the lies start to roll life gets complex;
    2. Kaiser DOES do a lot of research without consents because it is such a closed system and so expert at changing medical records after the fact;
    3. Residents at your stage of training there are often building resumes of complex procedures toward the goal of early Board Certification; supervision at Kaiser is terrible at all levels - the state once finding janitors ("care partners") answering ER call buttons pushed by patients in trouble;
    4. Kaiser's loss of the pathology material in this case has made your "cancer" cure claim a little hard to accept; what do they have to hide?
    5. Kaiser's Arbitration System is so sick and unfair that your "Day in Court" invitation is simply the bravado of someone who is bringing a machine gun to a pop gun duel; and as the "records" will themselves be spoiled, nothing will occur but more lies;

    6. You are, no doubt, a Permanente Partner by now and counting on the growth of your millionaire's pension at the end of 20 years of denying care; at the same time you will lose this pension if you do not testify to the Kaiser Plan (who is paying for your defense) legal strategy;
    7. Kaiser Permanente starts with the national lie that it is non-profit or "not for profit" when, in fact, your very retirement gold has to be "earned" within the profits of Permanente - some $1 billion in 2007;
    8. This HMO is a very sick puppy and only persists because of its 75% base in Kaiser-fornia; it has left New England, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, etc. because the states were not so willing to be Enablers to all the deceit;
    9. As to your "mailed patient surveys," what possible patient on the planet would be critical of a surgeon who might have to operate on their face and neck?  (Internally, Kaiser admits in writing that its "word of mouth" is bad which is why $45,000,000 in Thrive ads are needed just to try to hang on to enrollment);
    10. Kaiser refuses to debate any of this online and people continue to get hurt, so the alternative opinion Web sites will only grow - perhaps helping Kaiser lose 30,000 patients last year;
    11. The patient in question will, no doubt, be very angry at me for responding as she has better command of the details - my involvement not being recent; but you come at many of us as well who are only making Kaiser transparent as a non-paid public service.
    12. Finally, as to your public (and wrong) diagnosis of a patient to have a mental illness, you really should have vetted this with the Kaiser legal department, for this alone might be a (CEM) career ending move;

    13. Only the fact that the California Medical Board uses a disproportionately high number of Permanente "experts" and Kaiser's second in charge - Dr. Crosson's wife and Dr. Pearl's second in command of TPMG - was just added to the Medical Board will save you from the expected and appropriate wrath from above.
                                Charles Phillips, MD - former Permanente physician