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January 15th, 2004
Clifford Blackman
Blackman Law Group
1800 Trousdale Drive
Burlingame, California 94006

TEL: 650/692-2400

FAX: 650/692-0618

RE: Response to your email dated December 30th, 2003

Dear Mr. Blackman:

I have reviewed my site and found that your name and that of your law firm was mentioned only to estate that you referred me to Mr. Bailey and that it was also included in my complaints to Government Agencies.

Since the libelous matters is of incontrovertible fact, I do not see in what way they can be considered libelous.

Therefore I would like you to point out any specific libelous content and I would consider removing it.

If you can not point put such specifics, any subsequent suit for libelous must be seen as only for the purpose of intimidation and thus malicious.

Thank you.

Jupirena Stein

(address deleted)