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My life, my health, my morals, my principals, my faith in justice and in ethical doctors are ,…NOT FOR SALE   

  “Moral virtues are essential to everyone’s life.”
Jupirena Stein Statement of Opinion

       “Only recently have historians explored in depth the role of the medical profession in Nazi Germany. Several recent works reveal that physicians joined the Nazi party in disproportionate numbers and lent both their efforts and their authority to Nazi eugenic and racist programs. While the crimes of the physician Mengele and a few others are well known, recent research points to a much broader involvement by the profession, even in its everyday clinical work. Analogous activities existed in the German legal and industrial communities; disruption of the medical ethic thus sprang from the broader social contexts of Nazi Germany.” (Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal)

This monstrous, rude and cruel introduction to this article is perfectly comparable to how I see the direction that my 1999 “medical care” at Kaiser Permanente Redwood City California was administered.
As I much later found out Kaiser’s GME Program (Graduate Medical Education) follows a system of ideas of right and wrong medical care/behavior as the medical body followed during the Holocaust. Morality isn’t for everyone. Values are everything from eternal ideas to behavioral actions. So,… I am asking President Obama to take a serious look at Kaiser Permanente GME Program which is funded by 2 federal grants.

Here’s Dr. Timothy Wild’s response to my asking him to take me to court with proof that his medical actions against my life/health in 1999, ARE CRIMINAL.

Mentally ill patient
by TimWild
April 29, 2009
Ms. Stein has been cyber-stalking me for about 10 years. I feel sorry for her; I truly thinks she needs psychiatric help. We cured her of a parotid cancer, yet she seems to have developed an obsession with me, that is why I use the term cyber-stalk. She never mentions she is cured from her parotid cancer. However, she lies about a carotid stent, which I have never placed in anyone in my life (vascular surgeon’s do that, not head and neck surgeons and it is certainly not required to be board certified for head and neck surgery), as far as experimentation, etc. please, get real. Luckily, I am very well respected in my community by both patients and physicians, I have been voted one of the best head and neck surgeons in Solano county twice and my patient’s always score me high on my MPS (mailed patient surveys). Unfortunately, Ms. Stein seems to be a conspiracy theorist and probably a narcissist and a true stalker. I have a few questions, Number 1, how would she know I ordered nurses out of the room if she was under general anesthesia. Number two, why would nurses leave if they could risk losing their licenses. Number 3, how is doing excellent medical care criminal, number 4, to the best of my knowledge, in the United States, you are innocent until proven guilty, so I wonder why Ms. Stein considers herself judge and jury with absolutely no medical background. By the way Ms. Stein, do not worry about court, I will see you there. At first I tried to let it go, because of your obvious mental issues, however, I will enjoy confronting you in court. I have tried on multiple occasions to respond on what I will call “The Kaiser hater sites”, but of course, my posts are never posted. It is time for the lies to stop. I which you the best and hope you can move on with your life.
My Best,
Timothy W. Wild, MD, DDS, FACS

Dr. Wild,
While for the past 10 years as you were “giving me a break” by not taking me to court …
“  …Ms. Stein, do not worry about court, I will see you there. At first I tried to let it go, because of your obvious mental issues, however, I will enjoy confronting you in court.”

For the same past 10 years as you were forgiving me for being “psychiatrically unbalanced” I, in the other hand, was in a daily basis,
putting hard criminal evidence together against you and against the ethical challenged Kaiser Permanente that allowed you to destroy my health.

Please do not chicken out of your words “… Ms. Stein, do not worry about court, I will see you there.”

But be certain to remember this: Yours and Kaiser’s criminal behavior, illegal actions taken by you under Kaiser’s approval, … in my case , …   are - NOT FOR SALE!   

See you in court.

Jupirena Stein - May 2009

“Evil prevails when the good people are silent or take no action”