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Jupirena Stein

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To Kaiser Permanente Patients: 

Jupirena Stein in 2002

Jupirena Stein is a former Kaiser Permanente member who had initially believed that Kaiser had committed a malpractice against her body.  She found out that was only the tip of the iceberg.

In the end, it appears that what actually happened was the surgeon who was supposed to be removing her right Parotid Gland  from her neck had actually performed at least four (4) different operations in order to satisfy requirements for him to become ENT board certified. A top surgeon at UCLA also provided imaging proof that she had something implanted into her liver.

The requirements for this doctors Board Certification were satisfied and shortly after Dr. Timothy Wilfred Wild received his Certification and Kaiser Permanente made him ENT Chief Surgeon. A published Kaiser physician article written in the same time period includes further details on how to keep it this specific set of operations unknown from the patient and how serious this issue is. Perhaps to help keep this covered up she was given 10 days after the surgery the false diagnosis of a rare cancer which she never had.  (Acinic Cell Carcinoma) The claim was then made that it was found in her parotid gland, and involved 1 lymph node.

Further investigation proved that she never had any cancer that that the cell block provided by Kaiser allegedly from her body for purposes of verification was actually taken from a man and from a different part of the body than that area which the Kaiser doctor operated on. Jupirena Stein has in her possession all lab glass slides proving all the above. (November 2019)

Her body was destroyed, her health was destroyed, her ability to enjoy life in the manner previous to Kaiser’s medical crimes will never be restored.

What Kaiser had done was create a lesser cause of malpractice and falsely admitted to it thus paying a much smaller legal award. When this falsehood was later discovered and because arbitration is binding and absolute and cannot be undone and a new action can not take place under the rules of arbitration; they got away with it.

Today, November (2019) after refusing to accept financial compensation from Kaiser Permanente and from Dr. Timothy Wilfred Wild, Jupirena Stein is a patient advocate, helping some 18 million Kaiser’s member to understand what Kaiser Permanente really is … a non-regulated for profit medical industry business that uses/sells  all their members body parts/illnesses to those medical industry businesses wanting to use them for medical teaching, medical research and medical experiments!

Here is her story in her own words.

Tim Wild MD

Dr. Wild from Kaiser Permanente Redwood City, California, has earned another word to be permanently attached after his name:

Tim Wild of Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Timothy Wilfred Wild, D.D.S., M.D., ENT Board Certified and a Criminal.

Word by word, the reader will learn how this horrifying conclusion began to emerge.

Dr. Timothy Wilfred Wild, while I slept under General anesthetic, without my consent, without medical need and with no concern for my life, dissected my perfectly healthy neck muscle for a clear visualization of specific blood vessels.

He sutured shut my external carotid artery, he placed a surgical clip inside of my Internal Jugular Vein and if this was not enough, he placed a PTFE tube inside my Internal Carotid Artery and kinked it so that normal blood flow is now reduced.

Ms. Mary Parks, KP’s Legal Department attorney assigned to my case, Stein vs Kaiser, acted with the intent to accomplish the specific act of excluding Dr. Wild from responding to his participation in this crime – as my surgeon. An act prohibited by law!

Now this guilty party roams free. She is also, involved in Medicare fraud!

Ms. Stein also took her records and was re examined at UCLA by a prominent specialist in this field. The doctor wondered what else could they have done to her. He ordered a full scan of her body and located an object that had been inserted into her liver.

The above x-ray shows a V thing that signing physician – Dr. Timothy Wilfred Wild, also known as Tim Wild, MD placed in her liver.  He signed as the operating physician for a biopsy on her neck and this ended up inside her liver which is not any where near her neck.  This was done without medical need, without her knowledge or consent.

JStein believes with good reason that this was just another illegal experiment that Kaiser uses their patients for.

The above x-ray shows the destruction that signing surgeon Tim Wild also known as
Timothy Wilford Wild, MD of Kaiser Permanente Redwood City did to her body.  She went in for a biopsy on a lymph node on her neck and this is what happened.  Healthy muscles were cut off resulting in her right shoulder bones dropping down because there was nothing left to hold them up.

The above x-ray shows the destruction that signing surgeon Tim Wild also known as
Timothy Wilford Wild, MD of Kaiser Permanente Redwood City did to her body.  She went in for a biopsy on a lymph node on her neck and this is what happened.  Healthy muscles were cut off resulting in her right shoulder bones dropping down because there was nothing left to hold them up.

Kaiser Permanente is the main source of California’s Health Care chaos. They allow their professors and doctors in their Graduate Medical Education to perform illegal, horrific criminal surgeries, whether the patient needs it or not. Kaiser drags down with them many;- such as the DMHC, OIA, ACGME, Medical Board, JAMS etc.
IT IS TIME TO STOP THE CRIMES. No more crimes equals to no more need to lie, defraud and use corruption as means to cover up for Kaiser. Educate yourself, expose and confront. “Evil prevails when the good people remain silent or take no action.” Jupirena Stein

See ALSO:  https://gme.kaiserpapers.org/

This is a liability clause that Kaiser uses for all Residency Programs Resident Policy and Procedure Manual”

E. Professional Liability Insurance
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. (KFHP) provides professional liability protection for its employees and residents and the employees of the following organizations: Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Kaiser

Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and The Permanente Medical Group, Inc. if any such employee is named as a defendant in a law suit alleging negligence arising from work performed on behalf of these organizations. It is, therefore, unnecessary for a resident to carry professional liability insurance. KFHP will provide a defense for each employee and will pay, when appropriate or legally obligated, all sums which may be required in judgment or settlement of damages or injuries sustained by an injured third party, provided the employee was acting in good faith and within the course and scope of his/her job responsibilities when the negligent act is alleged to have taken place.

KFHP is not obligated to provide a defense for or indemnify the employee if he/she is deemed to have acted wrongfully outside the scope of his or her employment, for example, in committing a crime or deliberate act which is intended to harm another person or damage property.

KFHP’s protection of the above mentioned employees is financially secured through a combination of self insurance reserves which are actuarially determined and recorded as liabilities on KFHP’s balance sheet, and excess professional liability insurance policies which are underwritten by credit worthy commercial insurers and reinsurers.

Professional Liability Insurance covers residents while they are on residency duties in Kaiser Foundation  Hospitals or a designated training site in California. This coverage does not include professional workoutside of the residency program or volunteer activities without prior written approval of the Director of Graduate Medical Education. Any employee is free to obtain professional liability insurance  if desired, but the cost of such independently purchased must be borne by the employee.
See: https://jstein.kaiserpapers.org/pdfs/residency-training-manual-kaiser.pdf


“The Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center (LAMC)  is a multi-specialty teaching hospital located in Hollywood, California. We provide training  to approximately 210 residents and fellows in 20 programs.
The 465-bed medical center is the tertiary referral hospital for three million Kaiser Permanente members.

As a major teaching hospital for UCLA, Kaiser Permanente offers an unparalleled diversity of patients spanning from primary care to complex tertiary cases. Our patient population reflects Southern California –39 percent Caucasian, 29 percent Latino, 15 percent African-American, and 14 percent Asian. Eighteen percent of our admissions are indigent, county-hospital patients.”

“belonging to the third level of sophistication of development, such as a tertiary health care facility” {medical dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/tertiary}

Educate yourself, expose and confront.
Jupirena Stein “Evil Prevails when the good people remain silent or take no action.”

Kaiser Permanente is a HMO and they are primarily a TEACHING HOSPITAL.

That’s right! A teaching hospital that offers the bodies of ALL their patients to any doctor enrolled in their GME Program to use them as they see fit to “learn/practice medicine.”

Kaiser Permanente has a program which is funded by 2 federal grants named GME Program.


It is under this program that YOU will get your PAID medical care from Kaiser.

After they are done practicing in your body, 2 things will invariably happen.

1- If their practice on your body makes you sick, they will lie to you, NEVER telling you the truth and that includes ALL other doctors at Kaiser Permanente.

2- The doctor that practiced on your body without your consent, as you sleep under general anesthetic and with no regards for your life, will get promoted by Kaiser, will get more benefits for himself and his family, a better place in society and of course more money at the end of the month.
So… now you are sick, and have an up hill battle to fight.

One day you learn that there is a company called ACGME ( Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.) and they are the ones that accredits Kaiser Permanente’s GME Program.

You run to your computer and read:

“The mission of the ACGME is to improve health care by assessing and advancing the quality of resident physicians’ education through accreditation.”

You immediately gather documents and ask them politely,… please, look into my concerns…”

I did just that. Will the ACGME take any action against the very program that injured you? Of course not! And… how about the patients that were actually killed, will their families get any answers from the ACGME? Of course not.

Kaiser THRIVES. Yes they do!

They thrive making money on investments with your monthly payment to them.

I leaned the truth behind Kaiser Permanente’s GME Program/patients medical care. We, the patients pay them every month at the same time giving them permission to use your body.

I now barely survive after I was severely injured under Kaiser Permanente’s GME PROGRAM.

Throughout the past 10 years I dedicate my efforts to, -little by little find out the “secrets” that Kaiser Permanente’s GME Program criminals/doctors left in my body for me to find out on my own. See for yourself:


Teaching Hospital, Your money … GME Program – Graduate Medical education

Meanwhile Dr Timothy Wilfred Wild is thriving with Kaiser. These are his own words:

“Since April 2004, I have been Chief of Head and Neck Surgery. I would never work for any other health organization. I strongly believe in what Kaiser Permanente stands for and am very proud to be a physician for the health plan as well as a member.”


Protect your and your family’s life/health. Don’t trust Kaiser Permanente!
Jupirena Stein
March 2009